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Can I copy any key?

It is always best to contact a locksmith for assistance. Keys differ based upon make, model and what it will be used for.

What kind of keys do you copy?

Hill Street Lock and Key can copy most keys for cars, door locks, cabinets and many others. Contact us for more information.

I have a key marked “Do Not Duplicate.” Can I get a copy of it anyway?

Keys marked Do Not Duplicate, Do Not Copy, or Unlawful to Copy can be duplicated with a verified letter of authorization from the owner or supervisor.

If I lose a master key do I have to change or rekey all the locks relating to that system?

It depends on the system you have. Standard systems and most high security systems will require you to have all the locks rekeyed which can be quite expensive and time consuming.

Is the “Do Not Duplicate” marking on a key enough for controlling key duplication?

“Do Not Duplicate” is usually respected; many places do not pay attention.