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Fire Safes

Owning fireproof safes is the best way to secure and store your documents, jewelry and firearms from burglary and fire. Before you invest in a fire safe, it is important to first check it’s rating and speak with a locksmith. The rating you are looking for gives details and describes the fire proof safe’s resistance to fire. There are a few labels used, but the one we recommend is typically the most accepted, it is called the UL Rating. It stands for Underwriter Laboratory.

This UL rating of your fireproof safe measures the heat that the fire proof safe can handle. If you are looking to invest in a fire safe, make sure you take time to read the following tip:

1. As we have already stated, the UL rating on your fire safe is basically the fireproof safe’s protection against fire. The price that you pay for your fire safe is directly related how much the safe can handle in the unlikely event of a fire. The higher UL rating fire safes will cost you more than the lower rated fire proof safes. Obviously, we recommend investing in a fireproof safe with a high UL rating that is congruent with the property in the safe.

2. Many UL rated fireproof safes are also what we call “Impact Rated”. Obviously, with a fire also comes structural damage, your fire proof safe should be designed to handle falling debris and other fire related issues. An “Impact Rated” fire safe is designed to not only handle heat, water, but also multiple story drops.

3. Finally, UL labels have different class rating for fireproof safes. These fire safe can withstand not only, fire and heat, but also a drop. Here is a breakdown of the UL rating for fire safes:

1/2 hr — UL class 350 – protects 1550 degrees for up to 30 minutes

1 hr — UL class 350- protects 1700 degrees for up to 1 hour

1 hr+ — UL class 350- protect 1700 degrees for up to 1 hour Plus a 30-foot drop.

2 hr — UL class 350 – protects 1850 degrees for up to 2 hours

2 hr+ — UL class 350 – protects 1850 for up to 1 hour Plus a 30-foot drop.

Which UL label and fire rated fire safe you purchase will depend on its contents. The more valuable, the contents, the higher rated safe you should go with. If you are protecting paperwork, your fireproof safe needs will be entirely different that if you are protecting digital media such as backups, cds or other data.

To find out more about fire proof safes, UL Rating and which fire safe you need, contact our office at 760.722.2674 or stop by and check out our showroom. Also, feel free to contact us if your fire safe needs serviced or opened.