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Floor Safes

There are many types of floor safes on the market. These floor safes can come in many different sizes and shapes. In floor safes are perfect to protect gold, platinum, silver coins and jewelry. The down side is that floor safes may not be fire proof. Some have a fire-resistant rating, but in most cases, after a fire, any paper such as cash or other documents are not ruined.

Floor safes can be installed in concrete or wood floors and should be installed by a professional locksmith and a general contractor. Lower end floor safes typically come with a removable door. Larger, higher end in floor safes have spring-loaded doors with oversized bolts that enhance its security. Many floor safes have a drop slop option for quick deposits of cash or checks, but remember that these in floor safes cannot withstand a fire.

Here are some other things to think about with in floor safes: Since floor safes are not watertight, consider storing everything in zip lock or sealed bags When buying a floor safe, consider the thickness of the doors. The thicker the doors, the more secure the safe. There is a letter system used to tell you what Class of protection the safe is Weight is important! Like Fire safety, UL also has a number system for locks. We recommend a Group 2 or better.

Hill Street Lock has over 50 years experience as a locksmith and in dealing with in floor safes. Feel free to contact us before you purchase a floor safe or contact us if your safe needs serviced or opened. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by to check out our floor safe showroom.