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Gun Safes

There are many gun safes to choose from, before you make a decision about which gunsafe to buy, you should evaluate your needs and look at your budget. Hill Street Lock brings 50 years experience as a locksmith and our knowledge of gunsafes is extensive. We can service and maintain any gun safes and our reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction speak for itself.

We always get two questions from people looking to buy a gun safe, “do I really need a gunsafe” and “can I afford it”. We believe, if you have a gun, you need a gunsafe. Period. A gun safe is the cornerstone of protection for any home or office.

If you are into firearms, you know they are expensive and are always a target for thieves. If you have guns and don’t have a gunsafe, the replacement of your weapons from one robbery can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. It is simple math. Gunsafes can be acquired as low as a few hundred dollars (and can go as high as several thousands of dollars). Typical rifles and handguns start at around the same price. When you get into rare and collectable guns and start talking accessories and ammunition, the value can reach thousands, even tens of thousands quickly. Do the math, to replace what was lost or stolen is more than worth it! If you are a collector, an avid hunter or own several weapons, a gunsafe is always a good investment. On top of the, you can also use the safe to house knives, jewelry family heirlooms and important documents that would be impossible to replace.

To find out more about gun safes call us today at 760.722.2674 or stop by our showroom to see what gunsafe options we have for you. Also, feel free to contact us if your safe needs serviced or opened.