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Malfunctioning Locks Fixed or Replaced

Hill Street Lock and Key is a locksmith in Southern California with over 50 years experience in service, repairs and replacement on all types of locks ranging from household locks to industrial locks and safes. Lock opening and broken lock replacement is not something you want to leave to a rookie! A locksmith like Hill Street Lock and Key, can inspect and service, repair and replace broken locks and locking mechanisms, making sure they work smoothly and correctly. In some cases, it may not be cost effective to replace a broken lock. We service common locks and replace the internal parts and provide a new set of keys to the lock. This allows us to re-key a lock, instead of replacing it with a costly new unit. In some cases, locks may no longer be in production; in situations like older safes and original locks found in churches and country houses. Hill Street Lock and Key can fully service and even repair damaged locks, replacing any broken parts.