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Rekey Existing Locks

Rekeying Locks is one of the most frequent jobs a locksmith is called upon to do and this is simply not possible without the right tools and experience. When you rekey a lock, you are protecting the largest investment you make thru out life. Re-keying is not an expensive task and it literally takes a few minutes to change several locks. Do not make the same mistake many others make; rekeying a lock is not replacing a lock. You do not need to replace the locks in your home or business to lock out the previous key, you simple need to rekey the locks.

A locksmith or residential locksmith just removes the existing loc, disassembles the lock cylinder (the area that accepts the key) and discards all the old pins. When new pins are installed, they will match the new key. A quick inspection assures the key turns smoothly and that is it! Next, the residential locksmith reinstalls and makes sure the old key does not work.

Hill Street Lock and Key is a residential locksmith that specializes in re-keying. Our 50 years of experience has helped us acquire all and refine the skills and tools it takes to rekey a lock. To find out more about how we rekey a lock or how we can help you as a residential locksmith call our office at 760.722.2674