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Safe 101

If you are in the market to buy a safe, you need to make both a wise decision and an informed one. Buying a safe is no different than any other product and they can get expensive. Your best option is to seek advice from a professional locksmith like Hill Street Lock.

What kind of safe you need depends entirely on the purpose and the contents. For example, buying a safe for a business is different than buying a home safe.

On this page, you will find extensive information about safes, buying a safe and what to consider when you need a home safe or one at the office. Our 50 years of experience as a locksmith can help you make the right decision from commercial safe to residential safes, Hill Street Lock is here for you.

What kind of safe do I need? There are many kinds of safes and they all come in different shapes, sized and cost.

Burglary Safe - A burglary safe is a thick steel safe that is bolted to the floor. These safes are designed to keep the contents in and the burglars out. The down side to burglary safes is their difficulty to conceal and extreme weight.

Fire Safe – A fire safe is designed to protect its contents from fire. These fireproof safes can range in price, durability and rating. They can provide an incredibly amount of protection, but can get extremely pricey.

Floor Safe – A floor safe is a safe that is connected directly to the floor, typically with concrete. A floor safe can be a great way to hide valuables. Potential issues with floor safes can be location, fire and installation.

Gun Safe – A gun safe is exactly what it sound like, an ideal place to store and protect your weapons and ammunition. These gun safes are often big and bulky and do not offer a lot of other space to store jewelry and other valuable.

Wall Safe – A wall safe is mounted into the wall between studs and supports. These wall safes are another great option for concealing valuables, but it is far less secure than a floor safe and can cause issues in a fire.

When you boil it down, any locksmith will tell you there are 2 reasons why you would be looking at buying a safe: burglary and fire. Obviously, fire safes protect important papers and documents, but can offer little or no burglary resistance. In fact, a novice burglar with a little knowledge can open a fire safe in minutes! Burglary safes protect cash, jewelry and valuables from theft. In addition, some burglary safes also have fire protection.

Many people buy a safe from box store rather than an expert like a locksmith like Hill Street Lock. These stores can be uninformed and may not be a great resource before you buy a home safe. When you are uninformed, you can have a false sense of security and that is never a good thing when you are looking at buying a safe for your office or home.

To find out more about Hill Street Lock’s professional locksmith services or how we can help you make an informed investment, call us today as 760.722.2674 or stop by our showroom.