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Vault Safes

Chances are if you are a financial institution, a casino, or a gem and precious metal trader, you will see the value in protecting your investment and assets with the best vaults and safes money can buy. Without a doubt, vaults offer the highest level of burglary and fire protection going. In these vaults, there is enough room to store just about anything you want. Whether you are looking for a gun vault, or you want a walk in vault large enough to hold you firearms, jewelry, documents and family heirlooms, Hill Street Lock’s 50 years of experience can help you secure your most prized possessions in the highest quality vaults and safes money can buy.

The down side to vaults is cost, space and time. It is a big deal to install a vault. Ideally, a vault will be implemented in the construction phase. Either way, you are going to need a qualified professional to assist you such as a locksmith and a general contractor. Again, price may be a concern, the more options, the higher the price tag. If you are going to invest in a gun vault or any type of vault or safe, please consult a professional locksmith.

Here are some things to think about when shopping for a vault safe: Always install all vaults and safes in an accessible area. You would be surprised of the waste of time and money a vault is if the location is not accessible. Think about adding another safe (in a different location) if the location you are putting your vault in is not ideal. Make sure the vault is thick enough (a minimum of ½ inch of steel) Like with all vaults and safes, weight is important! The heavier the gun vault, vault or safe, the better! Don’t forget that vaults also have a UL rating! Do some research and find out what you need! Also don’t forget about resistance to fire. Convenience is important! The way you access a vault will also pay a part in its usefulness and effectiveness. There are electric lock systems that are wonderful, but can get expensive.