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Wall Safes

A wall safe is designed, mounted and secured in the wall, between supports or studs. These in wall safes can be secured to convenient locations within a home of office and are perfect for concealing your valuables. 
The down side is that these wall safes are not bolted down. Ask any locksmith and they will tell you these in wall safes can be cut or pulled out of the wall. Also, they offer little to no fire protection. Before you invest in an in wall safe, make sure you do your homework.

The best safes are convenient safes and wall safes are exactly that. Its important not to over or under think the location of your in wall safe. Any good locksmith will tell you that a wall safe is similar to real estate and is all about location, location, location. Let Hill Street Lock assist you in placing your in wall safe in the right place to protect your possessions!

Because this safe is connected directly to wall studs, it may not be the perfect place to hide your extremely valuable possessions; any locksmith like Hill Street Lock would recommend that you think about other options before you make the investment.

Some things to think about: What am I protecting? Where will I place the in wall safe? How thick is the wall in that location? How large does the wall safe need to be? Can I install the safe of do I need locksmith or contractor to assist me? Do I need to consider fire safe options?

Our recommendation is to always seek out a professional locksmith before you make your final decision. Hill Street Lock has over 50 years experience that we can put to work for you. Call us at 760.722.2674 or stop by our showroom to look at our wall safes. Also, feel free to contact us if your wall safe needs serviced or opened.